Office Administrator

PT EQUDERO LAYANAN INDONESIAJakarta RayaIDR 4.500.000 – IDR 5.500.000Ditayangkan pada 16 jam yang lalu


  • Career development and opportunities
  • Diverse community
  • Office perks

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

The role of the Office administrator is to work in a team-player role with responsibility for day to day organizational and administrative tasks. An employee’s responsibility as an office administrator is to oversee the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of an office, organizing people, information and other resources. The Office administrator ensures that office equipment is maintained to the appropriate quality and quantity, relevant records are up to date and all administrative processes work effectively.

Duties and Responsibilities*:

●    use a range of software, including email, spreadsheets and databases, to ensure the efficient running of the office

●    manage online and paper filing systems

●    Be in charge of taxi service (compensation, collaboration with the suppliers, tenders, monitoring the budget, etc.)

●    develop and implement new administrative systems, such as record management

●    prepare and maintain office and HR budgets on a monthly basis

●    prepare working places for new comers (in cooperation with IT admin and HR manager)

●    be in charge of the office management: negotiate and be in touch with suppliers, make sure the office is maintained in good conditions, be in charge of the purchases for office and employees needs, etc.

●    organise the office layout and maintain supplies of stationery and equipment

●    organise and maintain supplies of means of individual protection (masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc)

●    be in charge of the temperature measurement record book 

●    maintain the condition of the office and arrange for necessary repairs (in connection with HR manager and the office administration)

●    to initiate and conduct surveys among the staff (in cooperation and after approval of HR manager)

●    oversee the recruitment of new staff, sometimes including training and induction

●    delegate work to outsourcing staff (such as cleaning) and manage their workload and output (to make and supervise the cleaning schedule for prayer rooms, WC rooms, conference rooms)

●    write reports for HR manager and deliver presentations

●    arrange regular testing for electrical equipment and safety devices

●    attend conferences and training

●    organisations of staff events (birthdays, team buildings, national holidays, etc.)

●    help to establish fluid communication between colleagues of the same department and from different departments.

●    provide feedback to the HR Manager.

*The Employee may be required to undertake additional or other duties and responsibilities within his/her capacity if the needs of the business so dictate, whether temporarily or permanently.

Informasi Tambahan

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